Devs Morphs and More (2024)

I first uploaded a custom morph a long while ago called "Sweeter Iona"; after that I expanded my toolset resources and started making more, as well as designing tints and editing equipment files. Using the Dragon Age toolset, any PC and concept morphs are made from scratch; and all NPC morphs are created by using an original default morph as a template, to retain some likeness to the originals. Because of the rather *ahem* 'interesting' designs of the original morphs, many of them have received significant alterations. I've always acknowledged Dragon Age as more of a high-fantasy setting, rather than a traditional medieval one. Many of the characters have an appearance that reflects this concept, instead of bearing the visage of a person who has lived in a more contempary world plagued by diseases, lacking in sanitation, and without ready-access to grooming products.


Aside from some of the .utc and .uti files created by and/or belonging to SpaceAlex, of which I obtained permission to include in my morph packages (even though this was not required as per his Credits and Permissions list, but it's cool to ask anyways), the eye recolor design belonging to Semper and the facial hair-tattoo pack created by WolfheartHU--both of which I also gained permission to include, none of the materials contained in any of my packages are redistributed assets belonging to other modders. This means that any additional files that are required for the morphs are stated as such in each morph pack's ReadMe file. The ReadMe contains the requirements' title, web address, and any other pertinent information needed for you to acquire. I didn't post these requirements as a master list under the 'Requirements' tab because not all of the morphs I've released have the same requirements.


Unless otherwise specified in a ReadMe, installing any of these morphs is as simple as extracting the archive file contents and placing the desired character .mor files into your Dragon Age documents override directory. Note that this is not the same as your main game directory. To uninstall the morphs, just remove them from the indicated directory. For any required mods listed in each specific ReadMe file, be aware that some of these may contain their own morphs which will conflict with mine if used; make certain that you do not have more than one morph of the same name in your documents override directory. Additionally, some morphs have alternate or replacement versions within their packs; make sure that you use only one of these morphs at any given time. Unless otherwise noted, any archive releases will be in the "Main Files" section. See below for more info.

Note: There are several archive file compressor/extractor programs out there, but I use 7-Zip. This is an efficient, lightweight program with a lot of features; and it's free.

With very few exceptions, all of my morphs use the following mods for resource materials:

Dracomies True Textures, which has to be installed from the Dragon Age Redesigned mod, along with the files within the DAR for Dragon Age Toolset folder contained in the main mod.

The "Additional textures for DAR" addon mod, which is also at this location, under the "Optional Files" heading.

Eyebrow Presets, which can be found here.

I won't redundantly list the above mods in my ReadMe texts anymore, so one should acquire them first before even opening any of my morph packs.

Although it is not required, I use, and recommend this mod as well: White Teeth. Some may think that it makes the teeth too white, but I think they're still an improvement over the extremely dingy coloration of the defaults.

Additional Notes: Some of these characters appear in the ingame cinematic movie clips. However, the versions of these characters will appear as the default templates in those movies. The movies were designed before any modding was introduced into this game, and are not influenced by changes made by such mods.

Remember, feedback and endorsem*nts are a great way to show your support of any mods released here at the Nexus. We modders create this material without compensation, within our own free time; and it is often the community support that keeps us motivated to release new material. So, if you like someone's mod, swing back by their page after downloading to show your appreciation for their work.
UPDATE Aug 3rd '13:

Due to unexpected circ*mstances, I've decided to discontinue public work on this project; I just don't have the time anymore to devote to its updating and maintenance. If anyone still needs files after I take this page down in a month, you can contact me privately.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and support!

UPDATE Feb 20th '13:

At long last, I've rebooted morphs for the elves from the Nature of The Beast storyline; this includes all of the elves that are directly related to the story. Many of the equipment assignments were altered as well, based upon what I perceived was correct for the current state of affairs in the camp. For most of the morphs, I posted screenshots; however, for the sake of maintaining story intrigue, and the fact that some of them have conditional or incidental appearances, I didn't show them all. An important note here is that I use Space Alex's Improved Atmosphere mod, version 1.31; if you don't use this mod, morph placement and numbers will vary. Aside from that, I highly recommend the mod, as it goes a long way in breathing additional life into the game.

To use the Nature of The Beast morphs and gear allotment, extract the entire folder labeled "NTB" from the 7-Zip archive into your documents override folder. The folders inside this folder contain the morphs, equipment, and character equipment list files. If you want to use only the morphs, delete the UTC, UTI, and UTP folders


ever entering the Dalish Camp on your current save file. Note that for the changes in the elves' gear to show up properly, you must have not yet visited the Dalish Camp with the save file you are playing on before using this mod. To remove the mod, delete the NTB folder. Note that if you do this, and have already visited the Dalish Camp with your current save file, most of the elves will be partially equiped or totally gearless upon the next visit to the camp with that save file. This is because equipment files and character equipment files are loaded upon entering a zone, and permanently referenced into that current save file. The process of manually replacing lost UTC file information is so time-consuming that I'm not even going to explain it in detail here; but, if you really want help with that, message me. This information is repeated in the ReadMe file, and I know it's pretty wordy; but I wanted to post it here as well, so one has an idea of the impacting changes that will take place when installing this release pack.

I've made sure that these elves bear distinctive cosmetic differences to those in the Dalish Origin story; the most prominent being eye textures, skin tone, and hair colors. Their facial features tend to be less angular, as well. This was done to promote diversity amongst the Dalish clans.

This will probably be the last major update for this mod, though I might create a morph here and there. I'll entertain morph requests as well, though not for any of the ones that I've already designed. I hope you enjoy!
UPDATE Feb 3rd '13:

I'm always on the lookout for addon adventures for DAO, and I came across BlackPhi's Tranquil Sophia. This mod is designed well and provides another companion to a mage character starting in the Mage Origin story. Real voiceovers are even provided for Sophia. Check this venture out and give feedback to BlackPhi!

The morph I've provided does not have the traditional bald head that Tranquils normally have, but she bears the mark of status that they possess in DA2. Sophia is listed under the "Optional Files" heading, and screenshots are provided.

Tranquil Sophia is the creation of BlackPhi, and any questions regarding the relevant mod's use and gameplay should be directed to the corresponding modpage.
UPDATE Feb 1st '13:

I did some renovations around this place, starting with a complete rework of the DAO companion characters, with additional versions included. Instead of just altering the makeup and hair within a companion's version group, as I'd done in the past, I've extended the modifications in other areas to allow for more distinct differences between each. More screenshots have been posted, to show appearances both inside and outside conversation mode.

Along with the morphs, I've included a special tattoo fileset for Oghren's second version; WolfheartHU has graciously given me permission to redistribute more of his work, and I'll likely release his full packs of facial and scalp tattoos in the future--just as I did with the facial hair tats. All the same rules apply.
UPDATE Oct 30th '12:

After some communication, I've been given permission to include the much-missed fileset of the now-removed mod

Got my hair - on my face as a rerelease here. This is the work of author WolfheartHU, and all credit for it goes to him. It will be listed as a seperate pack named "Facial hairs by WolfheartHU". It includes 19 toolset tattoo designs and 3 screenshots for detail; these are all additional tattoos and do not replace anything. None of the contents or the containing folder have been altered in any way. Installing it is the same as with my morphs, just place the extracted folder into your documents override directory.

Anyone is free to use this fileset with their own morphs, but if you want to include it in your own releases, please follow the proper Nexus protocols for releasing another author's work. Since I've made this fileset available, I won't be creating anymore replacement morphs, and the information below will be updated to reflect this. Since this work is not one of my own design, I have only limited knowledge of any problems that one might have in using it. Just remember that these are tattoos, so trying to use another tattoo in conjunction with them won't work.
UPDATE Oct 20th '12:

Because of a few errors in the ReadMe text of NPC Pack 3, I've reupped the archive with the correct information.
UPDATE Oct 16th '12:

Six new NPCs from various places, dubbed "NPC Pack 3" have been created and uploaded. Out of all the NPCs I've recreated, those in this pack have proven to be amongst the most difficult; not because the original designs are too distorted or complex, on the contrary--the original designs are quite good. In order to show significant improvement, I really had to try to manifest every bit of their personality that I perceive them having. Ser Jory has two morphs in this pack, one with a default facial hair appearance, and one with a special design.
UPDATE Sep 24th '12:

All of the elves from the Dalish Origin story have been reupped with new materials and screenshots. Within this release archive are secondary folders containing new equipment assignments for many of the elves; the screenshots shown depict these new assignments. I sought to add some variety to the characters, beyond just their looks. The new gear that Tamlen has is meant to support any fighting talents that the PC initially chooses. The new equipment for the Dalish camp will only appear if you haven't started the second half of the origin story; Tamlen's new equipment will only appear in a brand new game.

If you want to use the default equipment assignments for this story arc, delete the "BED UTC files" and "BED UTI files" folders within the BED directory once you've extracted everything from the archive. This decision should be made before entering the Dalish camp, and preferably before even starting a new Dalish Origin game. Otherwise, many of the elves will be missing much of their equipment upon your next visit to the area. The process of restoring lost equipment is very time-consuming, so again, decide beforehand.
UPDATE Sep 17th '12:

The six Denerim NPCs I had released previously have been updated; screenshots provided.
UPDATE Sep 12th '12:

More recreations, this time being sets of characters from the 2 Downloadable Content packs, Leliana's Song, and Warden's Keep; you must have those addons to use these morphs. Aside from Leliana and Marjolaine--which are based upon morph versions I've already uploaded here, I didn't have default templates to work with, so the rest are made from scratch. Because of the intrigue surrounding the Warden's Keep set, I'm only uploading screenshots for 2 of the 6 morphs included in the pack; displaying the others might ruin some anticipation regarding the story. Both character packs will be in the "Optional Files" section; all the usual parameters apply other than that.
UPDATE Sep 7th '12:

Six more morphs have been uploaded; this release is called "NPC Pack 2", and replaces "Miscellaneous NPCs pack 2". Arl Howe has two morph versions; one with default facial hair, and another with a stylized appearance. Someone asked me if I change any other features when I include a replacement morph. The answer is no; perhaps lighting and terrain features might be different from screenshot to screenshot, but no other elements are altered on the morphs themselves.
UPDATE Sep 5th '12:

As I continue to redo all my morphs, Redcliffe was next on the list. All the usual rules apply, and new screenies have been posted. Three of the morphs have secondary versions; each with stylized facial hair and then with the default. Bella has a tattoo on her cheek; you can't see it all that well in her screenshot, but it's supposed to be that of a flower--Andraste's Grace, which grows natively in the area.
UPDATE Sep 4th '12:

Six more NPCs have been reupped; their release pack is called NPC Pack 1, and was formerly labeled "Miscellaneous NPCs 1". One of the morphs, Uldred, has an alternate version; for the sake of story intrigue, I didn't provide screenshots of his alternate form. I recommend not using this alternate morph until


you've already completed the Ostagar storyline, as it will look way out of place before then. Uldred also has two versions for each of his morphs, stylized and default facial hair. Duncan's morph requires a special resource file, named "Light Blue Eyes", that has been uploaded as a seperate archive. As is stated in the beginning, these eyes were a redesign by the author Semper, and all credit for their design goes to him.
UPDATE Sep 1st '12:

I wanted to redo the Cousland family, in resemblance to the female warrior I had made for my playthrough with the Human Noble origin storyline. The PC bears a stronger resemblance to her mother, while her brother looks like more of a balance between both parents. The PC's nephew looks more like his father. Bryce and Fergus also have a secondary morph with default facial hair. The pack contains all six members, including a morph preset for a female human, listed as "hf_cps_p03.mop"; it replaces the third preset in the human female selection.

Also, by request, I've uploaded a version of Ser Gilmore who bears all the settings of his 2nd version, but has the hairstyle of the 1st. He is available under the "Optional Files" section; enjoy.
UPDATE Aug 28th '12:

By request, I've uploaded a new version of Dairren--the foppish son of Lady Landra in Highever. Screenie posted.
UPDATE Aug 27th '12:

Yes, I've returned from the dead, so to speak. I'm redoing all my morphs, and creating some new ones also; I've begun with all the original DAO companions, as well as Ser Gilmore and Valeria. Some of the characters received extensive modifications, while others much less so. The usual rules apply, and further core information about these re-releases can be found in previous updates below. New to the list this time around are ghoulish versions of Leliana and Morrigan, a Drow(elf from the Underdark world of Dungeons & Dragons) version Zevran, and ponytail Loghain; screenshots provided.

I've designed a special set of vampire teeth, which an example is of

here, that I may release in the future; but for now, everyone has normal teeth. {:^)

The old releases will still be available until each is replaced, one archive pack at a time. Outdated data below will be changed or removed as necessary. Any issues encountered with the old releases should be remedied with the new ones. As always, please give feedback!
UPDATE Dec 18th '11:

After taking a break from Dragon Age, I came back to redo and revamp all the morphs I'd ever designed with new materials. All requirement mods have been checked to make sure they're currently available as of the date of this listing, and any information below has been adjusted for accuracy. New screenshots have been uploaded, and their names have been prefixed where needed for better association with what filepack they belong to.
UPDATE Aug 20th '11:

After examining Idomeneas' intensive Quests and Legends mod, I decided to create a version of his main character, Valeria; she will be listed under "Optional Files". Valeria has somewhat humble origins, but she's versatile and ready to take on whatever challenges you provide her with! Idoneneas' mod is deeply expansive, and provides a multitude of new experiences and places to explore; it is also continuously growing and evolving, so check it out!

Valeria belongs to Idomeneas; and aside from questions pertaining to the Valeria morph itself, any regarding the Quests and Legends mod should be queried at his sitepage.
UPDATE Aug 1st '11:

I've decided to release some of the tints that I had designed for use with characters. It had become apparent to me that there was a lack of variety for graying hair, aside from just shades of gray; so I've created a few that remedy the limited options a bit. Not all of them were created with this idea, however. There are 6 colors altogether, for hair, stubble, and crew-cut locations. Their installation is similar to that of my morphs: Place the tint files within the archive into your documents override directory. If you want to use them during the character creation process, you must also place the contained chargenmorphcfg.xml file into your documents override directory. Note that multiple chargenmorphcfg files in your documents override folder, or within folders inside that folder can conflict with each other, causing sometimes bizarre imagery upon a character. The easiest way to avoid this is to find a way to combine multiple chargenmorphcfg instances into a single file. There are a coupla ways to do this, but the CharGenMorph Compiler I think is the most efficient; it can be downloaded at this spot:

CharGenMorph Compiler

The ReadMe file in the archive gives more information on the tints, and I've posted a couple of screenshots for visual reference: the first one shows a top-down comparison of looks based upon hair designs, and the second shows a character creation example. Note that if you've already downloaded some of the tints within my other release packs here, you may delete those versions and use the ones in the seperate tintpack, as they are the newest updates.
UPDATE May 20th '11:

It has been explained to me that there have been a few conflicts between a couple of my file packs and other mods, with regards to equipment not showing up. As per the instructions in the ReadMe files for the Dalish Origin and Nature of The Beast archives, the new equipment in my packs will only show up if you are using a game/save where you haven't visited the zones of the gear-modified NPCs yet. Likewise, you cannot have identically-named .utc files within your documents override directory. Generally, every .utc file will be named according to what character and what zone it is associated with, like: "bed100cr_tamlen.utc". If there are any questions, please post or PM me.
UPDATE Feb 4th '11:

After playing some of Immortality's incredible "Ser Gilmore NPC - Fully Voiced" mod, I was inspired to design a custom morph for that character. Ser Gilmore can join you on your adventures, wherever they may take you, heh. Screenies are in the images section. Further information about the Ser Gilmore mod can be found here:

Ser Gilmore NPC - Fully Voiced

This mod is very well constructed and Ser Gilmore's dialogue options are impressive; he has as much depth as any of the core companions. I highly recommend trying the mod out, and if you like it, make sure to endorse it to show the author your support! Any queries anyone has about Immortality's mod should be directed at the corresponding webpage.

Other than redistributing the morphs themselves, you may use them for whatever you like. Besides the Cousland female PC, at this time, I have no plans to convert any other of these morphs into Character-Creator versions, for starter presets; since that tool does a rather botchy job at translating certain features. I will sometimes take requests however, if anyone wants a variation of the morphs I've uploaded.


Special thanks and props go to the respective authors of each of the mods listed in the ReadMe files inside my uploaded archives, as well as those authors and users whom contributed to and/or formed the basis of said mods; as I could not have designed my morphs without their resource materials. Additional thanks goes to: Dracomies, author of Dragon Age Redesigned (if you see a morph in the ingame screenies that isn't mine, it's most likely one of his), SpaceAlex, author of Improved Atmosphere (some of whose UTI and UTC files I used), SvK, author of Symmetrical Massive Armor, honestRope, creator of Practical Female Dalish Armor, and Xelte, author of XT Slender Light and Heavy Armor Forms as well as the Phoenix Armory; their mods were used in the scenes which most of the uploaded screenshots were taken.

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