Terry "Southwest Tee" Lee Flenory Kids, Parents, Net Worth, Eye Lawsuit, Sister, Still Alive, Release Date - Empire BBK (2024)

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The following video provides everything you need to know about Southwest Tee’s kids and baby mamas:

Terry Lee Flenory aka “Southwest T” is the younger brother of Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory. The brothers started the Black Mafia Family in 1989 and their journey is being shared with the world through the Starz series BMF, executively produced by 50 Cent. In the series, Southwest T is played by actor Da’Vinchi.

Da’Vinchi was born on October 10, 1995 in Brooklyn, New York. Prior to BMF, Da’Vinchi was best known for his roles as Darnell Haynes on All American and Cash Mooney on Grown-ish. In an interview with XXL, Da’Vinchi explains that 50 Cent inspired him to start rapping as a kid and working with him on BMF has been a dream come true.

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“Southwest T” was born Terry P.O Lee Flenory in Detroit, Michigan on January 10, 1970. His older brother, Big Meech, was born on June 21, 1968 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Terry and Meech have the same mother, Lucille Flenory and father, Charles Flenory. Lucille is played by Michole Briana White and Charles is played by Russell Hornsby on the BMF series. Charles and Lucille decided to move to Detroit because there were more opportunities in the Motor City in the late 1960s. Charles loved music and was excited to move to Detroit, the birthplace of Motown Records.

Terry posted the following pic of him and his mother on Instagram:

In the video below, Lucille discusses Meech and Terry:

Lucille shared the following Instagram post, explaining that she is honored to have actress Michole Briana White portray her on the series:

The following tweet shows Terry in the Mercedes Benz that upset his father in episode 4 of the BMF series:

Southwest T in the Benz that made Charles Flenory lose his appetite in Episode 4. pic.twitter.com/PEcRKWepoD

— Boss (@_ValTown_) October 24, 2021

Sadly, Terry’s father, Charles, passed away on July 8, 2017. Lucille shared the following slideshow on Instagram, showing several images of Charles:


Terry Flenory has 4 kids: 3 sons and 1 daughter. In an interview, Terry discusses his children and reveals that his brother, Big Meech, has 3 children.

At the time of the interview, Terry’s oldest son was 26, his other son was 20 and his daughter was 23. Two of Terry’s sons are his step sons from his previous marriage to Tonesa Welch. Each of Terry’s children are discussed below.

Southwest T’s Son, Terry Flenory Jr.

Terry Flenory Sr. and Rhonda Major welcomed their son, Terry Flenory, Jr. on November 1, 1989. In the Instagram post below, Terry, Sr. wishes his son a Happy 32nd Birthday:

The pic below shows Terry and Rhonda:

Rhonda, & Terry “Southwest T” Flenory. Detroit, 1988.

Rhonda is portrayed as “Lawanda” in the BMF series. pic.twitter.com/2TFrY4uQAZ

— Boss (@_ValTown_) August 31, 2023

The following Instagram post, shows Terry, Sr. and Terry, Jr. wearing matching BMF shirts:

Terry "Southwest Tee" Lee Flenory Kids, Parents, Net Worth, Eye Lawsuit, Sister, Still Alive, Release Date - Empire BBK (1)

Terry Flenory Jr.’s Instagram profile explains that he’s a co-producer of the Starz BMF series. Terry Jr.’s mother is Rhonda Major. Southwest T recently shared the following throwback photo of him and Terry Jr.:

Southwest T’s Daughter, Alexis Major-Flenory

This is Terry Flenory's real life daughter, Alexis, holding her fake baby self while standing next to her fake TV mama (LaWanda played by @sydmofficial) who is pregnant with her yet to be born fake baby Alexis.

Photo Credit: Garen Thomas – writer of #BMF Episode 306 pic.twitter.com/nMYckcgoXO

— Mike Nguyen Le (@WriterLe) April 7, 2024

Southwest T’s daughter, Alexis Major-Flenory, was born on May 5. Her grandmother, shared the following Instagram post to wish her a Happy Birthday in 2022:

The Instagram post above explains that Alexis’ mother is also Rhonda Major. Not much is known about Rhonda, but trademark records show that her and Latarra Eutsey, the mother of Lil Meech, own the BMF Entertainment trademark:

Terry "Southwest Tee" Lee Flenory Kids, Parents, Net Worth, Eye Lawsuit, Sister, Still Alive, Release Date - Empire BBK (2)

Actress Sydney Mitchell, plays LaWanda “Wanda” Roosevelt in the Starz BMF series. She is Terry’s girlfriend and the mother of his child. Wanda is loosely based on Rhonda Major.

Not everyone was a fan of her hairstyle:

Terry BM in BMF https://t.co/kOKwFP66MN

— ēdē (@theidi_) July 22, 2023

Alexis is a startup entrepreneur and future app developer, according to her LinkedIn page:

Terry "Southwest Tee" Lee Flenory Kids, Parents, Net Worth, Eye Lawsuit, Sister, Still Alive, Release Date - Empire BBK (3)

Alexis attended Oakland University and is self-employed. She has already created an app prototype and she is working on her second app.

Southwest T’s Son, Marlon Welch, Jr.

In Southwest T’s Hot 107.5 interview, he explains that his son, Marlon Welch, Jr. is not his biological son. Marlon is the son of Tonesa Welch and her ex-boyfriend, Marlon, Sr.

Terry "Southwest Tee" Lee Flenory Kids, Parents, Net Worth, Eye Lawsuit, Sister, Still Alive, Release Date - Empire BBK (4)

Sadly, Southwest T got Marlon involved with BMF. Tonesa decided to break up with Southwest T after Marlon got charged with conspiracy to distribute 5 or more kilograms of cocaine.

Tonesa served about 5 years in prison for her role in BMF and Marlon’s initially plea was more than 10 years. Marlon was released in July of 2018.

Southwest T’s Son, Corey Mills

Southwest T’s son, Corey Mills, is not his biological son, he is the son of Tonesa Welch and her ex-husband, Harold Mills. Corey was born in 1989.

Terry "Southwest Tee" Lee Flenory Kids, Parents, Net Worth, Eye Lawsuit, Sister, Still Alive, Release Date - Empire BBK (5)

In Tonesa’s episode of American Gangster: Trap Queens, Corey explains that although Harold is his dad, he doesn’t have a relationship with him and Terry has been in Corey’s life since the day he was born.

In 2022, Toni shared the following pic of her and Southwest T’s sons:

Southwest T’s Girlfriend, Tonesa “Toni” Welch

Tonesa “Toni” Welch was Southwest T’s longtime girlfriend who spent 5 years in prison for her role in the BMF. Sadly, Toni’s son was also sent to prison. Welch and her son discuss their past mistakes in the following video:

Toni was released from prison in 2012 and since then, she has worked hard to rebuild her life. Hollywood Life reports that Toni works in prison reform to help incarcerated women and started the non-profit organization Sylent Heart to help disadvantaged children.

When Southwest T was released from prison, him and Tonesa got back together. Tonesa hadn’t spoken to Southwest T since the day he went to prison because she was upset with him for getting Marlon involved with BMF. Southwest T begged for her forgiveness when he was released, and Tonesa decided to give him another chance.

In 2020, Southwest T shared the following pic of him and Tonesa:

La La Anthony plays Markisha Taylor in the Starz BMF series. She is the wife of a drug dealer named Boom, but her and Terry develop a strong bond and eventually fall in love with each other. Markisha is loosely based on Tony Welch.


Terry Flenory’s sister, Nicole Flenory, is played by actress Laila D. Pruitt. The image below shows Laila with actor Myles Truitt, who plays B-Mickie on the series:


The following Instagram post shows Nicole with her nephew, Big Meech’s son Lil Meech:

Who Shot Big Meech Brother In The Eye?

In the first episode of BMF, we see Terry (Da’Vinchi) get shot in the head and many believe it was Lamar who is played by Eric Kofi-Abrefa but there is no evidence.

okay who y’all think shot southwest t ? it wasn’t lamar he ain’t know where the parents stayed or the bm 😩😩 this is too much 😭 #BMFSTARZ

— $weet jone$ (@sandras__rose) October 27, 2021

Terry was not the first “Southwest T” in Detroit. In the video below, BMF co-founder, Dexter “Sosa” Hussey explains there was another drug dealer in Detroit in the 1980s who people called “Southwest T” but as Terry rose the ranks as a drug dealer, people started calling him “Southwest T” and according to rumors, the original Southwest T wasn’t happy.

According to rumors, the original Southwest T’s women started spending time with Terry but like the Lamar rumors, there is not proof.

Dexter Sosa said the Original Southwest T may have ordered it

— Podgy Smith (@Podgysmith) October 25, 2021

Hussey explains that this led to the rumor that the original Southwest T was the person who shot Terry “Southwest T” Flenory but the case remains unsolved.

Net Worth

Luckily, the bullet grazed Terry’s eye but as shown in the BMF series, the doctors botched the surgery and Terry eventually received a settlement. Terry used the money he received from the malpractice suit to launch a taxi service that the Flenory brothers would later use to transport drugs and launder their drug proceeds.

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Terry Flenory was worth $100 million at his peak. The BMF documentary below explains that the Black Mafia Family operated in 11 states and earned more than $270 million, making the organization one of the largest homegrown domestic distribution empires in the history of the United States.

Still Alive, Not Dead

Several websites have shared false stories, claiming that Terry Flenory is dead. Southwest T is still alive, and shares pic on Instagram on a regular basis. The following Instagram post shows him with Judge Greg Mathis:

Release Date

Terry Flenory was released from prison on May 5, 2020. The screenshot below is from the Federal Bureau of Prisons and shows that Terry was scheduled to be released on August 17, 2026:

Terry "Southwest Tee" Lee Flenory Kids, Parents, Net Worth, Eye Lawsuit, Sister, Still Alive, Release Date - Empire BBK (6)

The Grio reports that Terry and Big Meech both sought early released due to the COVID-19 virus but federal prosecutors only granted it to Terry. According to court documents, Big Meech is still believed to be obsessed with money, cars and houses.

In the Instagram post below, Terry shows off his GPS ankle monitor:

What do you think about the BMF television series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Terry "Southwest Tee" Lee Flenory Kids, Parents, Net Worth, Eye Lawsuit, Sister, Still Alive, Release Date - Empire BBK (2024)
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