The best pizzerias in Milan (2024)

Whether you’re coming from Naples or not, it doesn’t matter. If you’re traveling from Southern Italy to the North, you are faced with a daunting… Will the pizza be as good here? Where do I go for the best slice?

Needless to say, Milan has so much to offer in the pizza realm. Maybe even too much. From Duomo to Navigli, from Isola to Garibaldi, from Porta Romana to Porta Venezia, the search for a proper Neapolitan pizza can take hours, days, years.

And when it comes to important issues like this, there is no time to waste.

You need to have clear ideas for where to go in order to avoid finding yourself sad, heartbroken and dissatisfied.

But how are you supposed to know where to go without some help? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here is our definitive guide to Milano pizza.


Via Gherardini, 1

The best pizzerias in Milan (1)

We are in Sempione Park, more precisely in Arco della Pace. The area already has a name for itself, but the pizza at Starita Milano will leave you speechless. In addition to its rave reviews, Starita boasts three locations in major Italian cities (Milan, Turin, Naples) and one in New York. They stand out for their excellence mixed with tradition. It will be hard to choose between their tasty montanara, Sorrentina, porcini and walnuts or a thousand other delicious pizzas on the menu, along with various typical Neapolitan delicacies.


Via Bernardo Luini, 9
Via dell’Orso, 4

The best pizzerias in Milan (2)

Pay careful attention to the name of this next place: Da Zero. Because to create something special, you must start from scratch and climb to the top. (This is also how to climb our pizza rankings.) The name comes from the desire to have direct contact with the ingredient suppliers in Cilento, in order to create a unique, authentic, but above all recognizably excellent pizza. Once you enter the restaurant, be it in via Bernardo Luini or in via dell’Orso, you will feel like going directly to Campania. You’re in for tasty pizzas and a priceless atmosphere of conviviality and well-being.


Via Morgagni, 7
Via Cenisio, 77

The best pizzerias in Milan (3)

With 4 folkloric-style rooms scattered throughout the Milanese area, Piccola Ischia has long been a source of certainty for anyone who wants a taste of Naples. The menu offers sandwiches, calzones and craft beers, but pizza is obviously the real winner, and the reason why we want to praise this place in our ranking. Piccola Ischia has been passed down to the Milanese people since 1997, the year in which the business was born through the hands of the Marabini family. For 23 years, the members of this family have been producing real masterpieces for us. You’re sure to be tempted by the fried pizza, a popular food trend that is hard to perfect. Luckily for you, Piccola Ischia is one of few masters.


Via Vigevano, 8
Via Sebenico, 21
Via Cappellini, 18
Corso di Porta Ticinese, 1

The best pizzerias in Milan (4)

Along the Navigli, we arrive at Porta Genova, and come across another gem for you. In Via Vigevano, 8, you’ll find Berberè, although it’s also located in the Isola area, Centrale, and Colonne. Born in 2010, in Castel Maggiore at the hands of Matteo and Salvatore Aloe, the mission of the two brothers has always been clear. “We want to make delicious pizzas, served kindly, in beautiful places.” And so it goes. To date, there are 15 locations scattered throughout Italy, including three in London. The real key to success here lies in the return to tradition. They rely on only live, digestible, no-frills mother yeast in a welcoming environment. Here there’s no secrets, no inexplicable riddles. What matters most is simplicity and quality, Berberè’s only true obsession.


Via Varese, 4

The best pizzerias in Milan (5)

From Zona Magenta we move further north to Moscova, the mecca of anyone who wants to enjoy a chic aperitif, in the beating heart of a refined and luxurious Milan. It is here, precisely in via Varese 4, that we find a real sciccheria. Born in 2015, from the hands of Giorgio Caruso, Lievità boasts gourmet pizzas with a perfect, soft and tasty dough. As far as the menu is concerned, this is where the best part comes. In addition to typical Neapolitan appetizers and fried foods, the pizzas are divided between white and margherita. This is a smart choice because the former gears to the chef’s creative flair and the avant-garde innovation that Milan demands, while the latter appeals to the tradition and values ​​of true Neapolitan pizza.


Via Bergognone, 24
Via Giancarlo Passeroni, 2
Via Melzo, 16

The best pizzerias in Milan (6)

With three locations to date, Michela Reginato and Paolo Piacentini’s restaurants are affirmed as the promised lands of pizza that you definitely can’t miss. In Zona Tortona, Corso Lodi and Porta Venezia, the master pizza chefs will accompany you on a journey of taste. They churn out some of the best pizza you’ve ever had. The philosophy of the place centers around the search for excellent fresh ingredients, Italian quality and authentic flavors. Among the most popular pizzas, there are the Stracciata, with Fassona ragout and stracciatella, the Teo, with smoked provola and speck, and the Nerano sbagliata, with zucchini and pecorino chips. It is only fair to warn you that after the first bite, there’s no going back. It will be the beginning of an infinite love story.


Via Felice Bellotti, 6

The best pizzerias in Milan (7)

Still on the subject of addictive pizzerias, we suggest adding Giolina to the list. Although it’s been open for just under a year, Giolina has already managed to beat the competition and earn a reputation worthy of respect. The pizza here is unusual yet extraordinary. This description also applies to the atmosphere. The attention to detail is shown through the charming bar at the entrance for those who want to sip a co*cktail, to the shelves with books, to the piano in the hall. You won’t want to miss this place, located in the Porta Venezia area.


Via Cadore,26
Via Plinio, 6

The best pizzerias in Milan (8)

Here is one of the culinary founders of pizza in Milan, which has been established as a source of guaranteed satisfaction. If you’ve never believed in love at first sight, after tasting Marghe’s pizza, you will probably change your mind. The leavened, soft, and tasty pizzas present genuine and fresh ingredients that go perfectly with each other, sometimes in unusual combinations that are an authentic delight. Basically, pizzas that you will no longer be able to do without. Marghe knows how to stand out, that’s for sure, while remaining faithful to the high standards of sacred Neapolitan pizza.


Via Anfossi, 1
Via Procaccini, 30
Via Doria, 17

The best pizzerias in Milan (9)

On the school of thought handed down by the saying “pizza is a simple thing,” emerges Pizzium, who has made this philosophy their motto. Classic, regional and seasonal pizzas alternate on the Pizzium menu, revealing delicious and tasty ingredients listed together with the trusted producers at the bottom of the menu to guarantee the quality. Among the many, the peeled Agrigenus tomatoes, the Molino Quaglia flour, the extra virgin olive oil Frantoio Guglielmi, the Calabrian ‘nduja Mercante and the Cetarian anchovies stand out. If the PDO and PGI ingredients strike you, wait till you see the dough. It gets leavening for over 24 hours to fully reflect the Neapolitan tradition, and keep its honor high even here in Milan, across six locations.


Piazzale Segrino, 1

The best pizzerias in Milan (10)

In the magical neighborhood of Isola, there is something equally magical waiting to be discovered. We are talking about Assaje. They’re got good portion sizes, quality ingredients, and skillfully prepared gourmet pizzas and typical Neapolitan dishes. The main suppliers of this pizzeria are the small local farmers who boast a Slow Food Presidium, and are therefore able to guarantee fresh ingredients with authentic flavor. Another strong aspect of the place is the Leavening Chamber, which is present in every location. No, it isn’t some mystical potterian or magical world. It’s simply the most innovative technology for the maturation of pizza dough. 30 hours of leavening guarantees a light, healthy, highly digestible and good-tasting pizza. And we must give special praise to the employees. Everyone is nice, friendly and always extremely available to customers, in perfect Neapolitan style.


Largo Corsia dei Servi, 11

The best pizzerias in Milan (11)

If we really want to talk about cornerstones of the Milanese and Neapolitan pizza tradition, we certainly cannot fail to mention Gino Sorbillo – Lievito Madre Al Duomo. It was born in Naples, then went to Rome, Milan and now Turin, New York, Miami and Tokyo. What is the trump card here? The ability to think creatively in a traditional context. By taking advantage of the many fresh ingredients that the Campania region gives, Gino has been able to create a menu full of emotion. Different types of organic flour and carefully selected ingredients combine to create a real miracle. Having lunch or dinner with Gino Sorbillo is an experience you should have least once in your lifetime.


Corso di Porta Romana, 83

The best pizzerias in Milan (12)

If it is true that from this ranking, the ‘Neapolitan’ is what the Milanese want, it is equally true that this next place understands this perfectly. Pizza AM is in all respects the purest emblem of Naples in Milan. If you wander around Porta Romana, legend has it that you can smell the scent of anchovies, provola and cherry tomatoes from meters away. If you follow the trail of smells you will find yourself in front of Pizza AM, where you’ll be transported directly to the Campania capital. The place is decked out with flags of Naples, trinkets hanging on the walls, chillies, copper pots and paintings reminiscent of the Spanish quarters of Via Toledo. It’s a welcoming and familiar place, with pizza worthy of the traditional values ​​of the south. High quality ingredients abound in the six pizzas to choose from, but we assure you that you will want to order them all.


Viale Vittorio Veneto, 30

The best pizzerias in Milan (13)

Nàpiz, reminiscent of Naples of course, but also ” ‘Na pizz” as they would say in dialect. Nothing is left to chance here either. With several pizzerias in Milan, including the one previously mentioned (Pizza AM), this pizza leader reigns supreme on Milanese soil, bringing home one victory after another, opening one restaurant after another. Nàpiz is exactly what you would expect: a warm place where you can feel at home and enjoy a good pizza like in Naples. A tasty marinara, a nice margherita, a provolone and pepper, a caprese, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.


Via Felice Bellotti, 13

The best pizzerias in Milan (14)

Although recently opened, the fledgling business certainly cannot go unnoticed. It is the first and only bakery-pizzeria in Italy to achieve excellency in both areas. Crosta is what we could call a prodigy: inside you can eat pizza, buy bread, drink coffee, and enjoy many delicious dishes offered by an incredible kitchen. Remarkable for a newbie. Especially considering that their ace in the hole is Ventricina, a pizza with cilantro, spring onion and pineapple.


Via Londonio, 22
Via Orseolo, 1

The best pizzerias in Milan (15)

Let’s meet now in Parco Sempione. But if you prefer, you can also find it now in the Solari area. Luigi Capuano cames from Naples, moved to Milan and created a real institution here. It is passion and experience that make his food unique. The Capuano’s success comes from a singular but fundamental desire to preserve traditions. Here, you will not find pizzas with infinite lists of ingredients or designed to reflect the latest trend. Instead, simplicity is the winning weapon. The search for a unique dough with high quality fresh ingredients is over. Trust when you are told that there is nothing more beautiful than the simple things.



Via Amerigo Vespucci, 1

The best pizzerias in Milan (16)

AmaMi is Porta Nuova’s contemporary pizzeria, an establishment with a large selection of gourmet pizzas that make it the ideal destination for the Saturday night splurge. At AmaMi you simply eat well, a quality not to be taken for granted in a big city like Milan, where reconciling the level of the gastronomic offer and the very demanding “aesthetic” of the environments is not easy at all. AmaMi’s is not the usual pizza, not round but oval, very thin due to the absence of yeast and without a crust, the pizza is cooked in an electric oven so as not to contaminate the flavors of the ingredients with the famous “smoky smell” that the wood-fired oven inevitably produces. Raw materials are strictly of Italian origin, local when possible and above all they respect seasonality to always guarantee the authenticity and intensity of taste that are trademarks of the Porta Nuova restaurant.

Well yes friends, now that the secrets have finally been revealed, you really have no more excuses. We have served you the best pizzerias in the city on a silver platter, now it’s up to you to eat at them! Enjoy your meal!

The best pizzerias in Milan (2024)
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