Ultimate Guide to Exploring Bullhead City, Arizona - Sidetrack Adventures (2024)

Over the last few years, the idea of traveling has changed quite a bit. Hopping on a plane and heading to another part of the world may not be as appealing or easy as it was before, but on the bright side – it has given us the chance to find hidden gems closer to home. Bullhead City might not be your typical travel destination, but that is what makes it so special. Spend a day at the beautiful Lake Mohave Marina or discover the Grapevine Canyon. Either way – you are in for a treat. Here is our ultimate guide for exploring Bullhead City.

Discover the Katherine Landing at Lake Mohave Marina

For any nature lover, visiting Lake Mohave is a must. With 237 miles of shoreline and 198 secluded beach coves, it is a truly extraordinary place. Have a relaxing swimming session, do a bit of sunbathing, go fishing or hiking, or even for a laid-back bike ride. If you are craving a little adrenaline rush, you might also enjoy wakeboarding, water skiing, and scuba diving. Since Katherine Landing has lovely weather all year long, it does not matter when you decide to travel there – it will be a fantastic experience nevertheless. What is more – the surrounding area is full of divergent historical attractions, for example, the Katherine Gold Mine, which was operational up until 1930.

Have an exciting day at the Scooters Family Fun Center

Let’s be honest – sometimes traveling with the whole family is not easy. Pleasing everybody’s needs and wishes can be quite challenging. Thankfully, the Scooters Family Fun Center has something to offer for both little and big visitors. In the center, you will find two 18-hole mini-golf courses as well as go-kart tracks for adults and kids. Don’t forget to try one of their eight batting cages. To end the visit on a perfect note, stop by their pizzeria for a yummy meal that will seem like the cherry on top.

Explore the Mighty Colorado River

Less than 10 miles away from the city, you will find the mighty Colorado River – an excellent destination for a family-friendly day trip. Like Lake Mohave Marina, you will find many recreational activities such as swimming, water, jet skiing, and boating at the river. Even a simple walk around the area will be a magical experience since it is so beautiful. After all – what can be better than spending a hot summer day near the water?

See the Colorado River Museum

Operated by the Colorado River Historical Society, the Colorado River Museum showcases artifacts and historical documents regarding David Dam, Route 66, Bullhead City, and the areas nearby it. Learn more from the historical pottery, photographs, antiques, and the building itself, which was built already in 1947. Keep in mind, though – the museum does not work all year round, so before planning your visit, make sure to check their website. Occasionally, the museum also hosts different types of excellent events for learning more about Bullhead City and what has made it the way it is today.

Stay at Davis Dam

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Craving a little camping adventure in Bullhead City? Then spending a night at Davis Dam might be your best bet. Escape the flashy lights and loud casinos by enjoying nature and its beauty. The camping place is located less than a mile away from the city, and it has everything you might need for a comfortable stay – bonfires, bathrooms, a laundry room, and even showers. Go swimming in the Colorado River, spend the day fishing or boating. Whatever you choose, know you will be pleased!

Take a Ride with the River Passage Water Taxi

During summer, Arizona is swarmed with both tourists and locals, all trying to enjoy the sunny weather. This also means traffic getting busier, making it hard to move around the town. What can you do to fight traffic jams? Choose an alternative way of getting around! The River Passage Water Taxi is a fun mode of transport that allows you to see Bullhead City from a unique perspective. Every taxi is led by an experienced captain who the US Coast Guard also licenses – that means you don’t have to worry too much about your safety. The best thing about this way of transport is the fact it connects you to all sorts of areas, casinos, and hostels.

Take a Stroll on the Riverwalk

There is no doubt that going on walks is one of the best ways of exploring new places. When visiting Bullhead City for the first time, make sure to take a leisurely stroll along the riverwalk. Enjoy the picturesque views, incredible mountains and discover new, undeveloped parts of the Laughlin river. To make the experience even more magical, enjoy the walk during sunset.

Hike the Grapevine Canyon

Those who prefer to stay active during their vacation will surely enjoy the Grapevine Canyon Trail, located in Lake Meade National Recreation Area. Although the hike is relatively short – only four miles – don’t underestimate it. The walk is quite challenging, but if you manage to do it, you will be rewarded with splendid views and a boost of happiness. Throughout the hike, you will stumble upon multiple waterfalls, which typically flow in the spring. Since the area is often subject to flash floods, remember to pay attention to the weather forecast.

Visit Don Laughlin’s Car Collection

This is kind of cheating since its across the river, but if you a fan of classic cars then seeing Don Laughlin’s impressive car collection should be on your itinerary. Located on South Casino Drive, it is stored on two different floors. There you will find beautiful cars from Laughlin’s personal collection and also loans from other car fanatics. The best thing – entry is entirely free. Therefore it is an excellent activity for a laid-back day.

Check out Laughlin Labyrinths

The collection of nine stone designs and mazes at first might seem a bit odd, especially because they are located so close to the colorful casinos. However, visiting the Laughlin Labyrinths can be a fun plan for the day. Some of the structures are only accessible through a small hike, which is perfect for moving your body. Keep in mind, though – some of the stones are located near private property, so watch out for any signs that might indicate you have gone a bit too far.

See the Arizona Veterans Memorial Park

There is no doubt Arizona has a lot of history behind it. To learn more about its past, stop by the Arizona Veterans Memorial Park, which is divided into north and south sections, each of them honoring Arizonans and soldiers in their own way. At the park, you will also find a memorial to the USS Arizona, the battleship sunk by the Japanese after the attack at Pearl Harbor.

Eat at Black Bear Diner

After spending an exciting day at Bullhead City, finding the perfect dinner spot is crucial. After all – having fun in the water or exploring the fascinating surroundings can take up a lot of energy. Luckily for you, Bullhead City has a lot of great cafes and restaurants that will satisfy any foodie’s needs. The Black Bear Diner can be found on the bluffs of the Colorado River, and there you will be able to taste all sorts of yummy meals. Some of the most popular choices include the Western BBQ Burger, their Homestyle Fried Chicken, Bigfoot Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Have a drink at TASA Espresso + Smoothie Bar

If you are somebody who takes their coffee seriously, you will know that finding the perfect coffee shop is not easy. Thankfully, Bullhead City has its fair share of good cafes. Due to its laid-back vibe and free Wi-Fi, TASA Espresso + Smoothie Bar is also an excellent place to get some work done. Make sure to try their açaí bowls. I don’t normally eat them, but the ones here are excellent.

Enjoy Dinner at D’Angelo’s Italian Restaurant

You don’t have to be in Italy to enjoy a delicious pizza or pasta. As it turns out, Bullhead City has an excellent restaurant. The family-owned business specializes in authentic, well-priced Italian food. What should your order? That will be a hard choice since there are plenty of great options that will make your taste buds do a happy dance. However, trying D’Angelo’s spaghetti and clams is a must. That is pretty much my go-to any time I try a new Italian place and how I get my first impression. D’Angelo’s didn’t disappoint. When it comes to side dishes, have a taste of their sausage links served with marinara.

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Ultimate Guide to Exploring Bullhead City, Arizona - Sidetrack Adventures (2024)
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