25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (2024)

Our obsession with the best Milan pizza spots started during Salone del Mobile last year, while looking for a recommendation for a quick bite. So we asked around, and realised the city’s design community is extremely opinionated on where to eat pizza: in a matter of hours, we had several suggestions, from thin crust to Neapolitan-style, from gourmet toppings to casual neighbourhood joints.

This year, we decided to gather our Milanese friends’ tips into a map of Milan’s most desirable pizza spots, so that we won’t be caught unprepared when hunger strikes. Creative directors, designers, curators and more jumped at the opportunity to share pizza tips (some sharing multiple suggestions), and the results are dotted on this map, so that wherever we are in Milan, we can be sure to get our fix.

Putting this map together has given us a fascinating insight into our friends’ ways with pizza. The Milanese’s favourite? Undoubtedly, the Margherita, a classic often served with a twist – whether it’s Piero Lissoni or Patricia Urquiola’s buffalo mozzarella topping, or Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari’s ricotta-filled crust.

The best Milan pizza according to the city's design community

1. La Coccinella

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (1)

(Image credit: Courtesy La Coccinella)

Recommended by: Carola Bestetti, CEO, Living Divani

Why is it a favourite: 'It;s in my neighborhood, Isola. It's a very small, easy-going place but it makes very good pizza.'

The best pizza: 'The "Napoli", with buffalo mozzarella or ricotta

Any extras: 'None, because I choose this pizzeria only for the excellent pizza.'

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La Coccinella, Piazza Tito Minniti 8

2. Crazy Pizza

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (2)

(Image credit: Courtesy Crazy Pizza)

Recommended by: Roberto Gavazzi, CEO, Boffi De Padova

Why is it a favourite: 'I particularly appreciate the thin dough, prepared by hand without yeast.'

The best pizza: 'Margherita.'

Any extras: 'All the desserts are excellent, an extra tip is the focaccia di Recco.'

Crazy Pizza, Via Varese 1

3. Vecchia Arena

Recommended by: Marva Griffin, founder, SaloneSatellite

Why is it a favourite: 'I confess that I am not a fan of pizza, I eat it very rarely. But at Vecchia Arena they make it thin the way I like it. The owner is Mr. Gianni.'

Vecchia Arena, Piazza Lega Lombarda 1

4. Denis Milano Moscova

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (3)

(Image credit: Courtesy Denis)

Recommended by: Piero Lissoni, architect and creative director; Giulia Molteni, chief marketing officer,

Why is it a favourite: 'Because of its thin pizza, and the dough made with mountain grains'

The best pizza: Lissoni's order is usually a 'Napoletana' with buffalo mozzarella, or a double buffalo mozzarella on a Margherita

Any extras: 'Apple cake,' says Lissoni

Denis Milano Moscova, Via Statuto 16

5. Dry

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (4)

(Image credit: Courtesy Dry)

Recommended by: Caterina and Raffaele Fabrizio, CEOs, Dedar; Piero Lissoni, architect and creative director; Patricia Urquiola, creative director, Cassina

Why is it a favourite: 'Pizzeria Dry on Via Solferino, right near the Dedar showroom, is the ideal spot for a relaxing evening, there's always a lively and youthful atmosphere,' says Caterina Fabrizio.

The best pizza: Margherita is a favourite all around (with Caterina Fabrizio going with a classic, while Urquiola and Lissoni opting for the extra Buffalo mozzarella on top). Raffaele Fabrizio, meanwhile, usually goes for a 'Vitello Tonnato Focaccia'

Any extras: 'It's a great spot for co*cktails,' says Fabrizio. 'I usually go for a Negroni vintage, while Raffaele opts for the Moscow Mule.'

Dry, Via Solferino 33

6. Savô - Pizzeria Gourmet

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (5)

(Image credit: Courtesy Pizzeria Savô)

Recommended by: Guglielmo Poletti, designer, and Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin of Formafantasma

Why is it a favourite: 'The pizzas are available in different variations (Gourmet, Classic, Scrocchiarella Gourmet and Nuvola), adapting to different tastes,' explains Poletti. 'The doughs are exceptionally good and delicate, while the combination of ingredients is always in perfect harmony.'

The best pizza: 'Our go-to order is the Savô, with San Marzano tomato, Burrata, Cucunci capers from Pantelleria, salted Ligurian anchovy, crunchy salad and cayenne pepper threads,' say Trimarchi and Farresin. 'I usually order several smalrml pizzas to share, but if I had to name my favorite I would probably opt for the Gourmet Carbonara,' adds Poletti.

Any extras: 'The craft beers are also excellent, there is also a bar for a drink before dinner,' says Poletti.

Savô - Pizzeria Gourmet, Via Gustavo Fara 10

7. Pizza Big

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (6)

(Image credit: Pizza Big)

Recommended by: Frederik De Wachter and Alberto Artesani, designers, DWA

Why is it a favourite: 'The pizza is very thin and very digestible. The place is quite kitsch, inspired by Ayrton Senna with interiors based on a palette of acid green and yellow.'

The best pizza: While Artesani goes for a classic Napoli, De Wachter's go-to order is a 'Calindri con Salsiccia', a Margherita with fresh sliced artichokes and fresh sausage

Any extras: 'A Tiramisù, made with a traditional recipe, it comes in huge portions!'

Pizza Big, Viale Brianza 30

8. Geppo

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (7)

(Image credit: Geppo)

Recommended by: Valentina Ciuffi, curator, Studio Vedèt & Alcova

Why is it a favourite: 'I like a thin crust pizza that doesn't stick in your stomach, and there isn't a lot of that in Milan. Geppo is a micro-place, known to few, recently rebranded (with grace), rude staff like in all the best Milanese establishments. They have pizzas for all tastes, very light and with lots of vegetables. It's a pure place, I only get pizza there are sweet ones but I've never ventured there.

Any extras: 'They make sweet pizzas, although I never dared trying them!'

Geppo, Via Giovanni Battista Morgagni 37

9. One Way Della Speranza

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (8)

(Image credit: One Way Della Speranza)

Recommended by: Andrea Caputo, architect

Why is it a favourite: 'It's a magic place.'

The best pizza: Margherita, double tomato

One Way Della Speranza, Via Lecco 7

10. Maruzzella

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (9)

(Image credit: Maruzzella)

Recommended by: Maria Cristina Didero, curator and author; Michela Pelizzari, design consultant, PS

Why is it a favourite: 'I hate it when mozzarella gets stringy, and theirs is just right,' says Didero.

The best pizza: Didero's order includes a pizza topped with tomatoes and anchovies

Any extras: 'Definitely the shrimp co*cktail: very 80s, of course it comes in a bowl with lettuce leaf and pink sauce.'

Maruzzella, Piazza Oberdan 3

11. Pizza Crosta

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (10)

(Image credit: Courtesy Crosta)

Recommended by: Barbara Corti, CCO, Flos

Why is it a favourite: 'It's the best pizza in the world (book ahead, it's always full).'

The best pizza: 'There are many to choose from: the 'Mastunicola', with aged lardo, basil, Grana Padano cheese and black pepper, or the pizza with crushed potatoes, pesto from Genova and crescenza. A final recommendation would be the one with stracciatella, roasted cherry tomatoes and lemon.'

Any extras: 'Their cakes and pastries are excellent, and they bake fresh bread every day.'

Pizza Crosta, Via Felice Bellotti 13

12. Hostaria Terza Carbonaia

Recommended by: Letizia Caramia & Morten Thuesen, designers, Older

Why is it a favourite: 'Although we have to admit that we haven't found our dream pizza in Milan yet, our favourite is Hostaria Terza Carbonaia. It's not a real pizzeria, but a restaurant that also makes pizza in a wood-fired oven, but it's our favourite pizza because it's thin and crunchy, the ingredients used are good and above all, it's also good when eaten cold!'

The best pizza: 'Margherita or Marinara.'

Any extras: 'There are a series of timeless dishes that for us form a sort of fixed, must-order menu. They include the Focaccia with Parma ham (melts in the mouth), the courgette flowers with fried aubergines, and the raw artichoke salad.'

Hostaria Terza Carbonaia, Via degli Scipioni 3

13. Le Specialità

(Image credit: Le Specialità)

Recommended by: Cristina Celestino, designer; Laura Baldassari and Alberto Biagetti, designers, Atelier Biagetti; Valentina Ciuffi, curator, Studio Vedèt

Why is it a favourite: for Celestino, this is the go-to place for the best gluten-free pizza in town. For Biagetti, it's about the secret recipe behing their large, thin pizza. 'It's super crunchy, and their ingredients are extraordinary.'

The best pizza: Biagetti recommends not to miss the 'Mediterranea': 'Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, garlic, anchovies, capers, basil and oregano: WOW!'

Le Specialità, Via Pietro Calvi 29

14. La Baia

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (12)

(Image credit: La Baia)

Recommended by: Stefano Boeri, architect and president, Triennale Milano

Why is it a favourite: 'The chef, Leo, is a genius who invented a dough that is both crunchy but "dense", not thin. He makes the dough fly in the air before putting it in the wood-fired oven. The owner, Sabrina, is very nice, it's an exceptional place.'

The best pizza: 'I always order the pizza with potatoes, and then either a Napoli or one with Pesto. Or a pizza with two flavours, one on each side (their specialty).'

La Baia, Via Benvenuto Cellini 3

15. A Santa Lucia

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (13)

(Image credit: A Santa Lucia)

Recommended by: Giulio Cappellini, art director, Cappellini

Why is it a favourite: 'It is my favorite place because it reflects the history of theatre in Milan. The hundreds of photos on the walls depict all the actors, famous or not, who came to ear here after shows.'

The best pizza: Napoli

Any extras: 'Gelato al croccante (but you must order it as soon as you sit down for your meal, as it's so good it regularly sells out).'

A Santa Lucia, Via S Pietro all’Orto 3

16. Original Pizza OK

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (14)

(Image credit: Original Pizza OK)

Recommended by: Paolo Mongeri, commercial director, Cesanamedia

Original Pizza OK, Piazza S Stefano 12

17. Piz

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (15)

(Image credit: Piz)

Recommended by: Marco Sammicheli, curator, Triennale Milano, and director, Museo del Design Italiano

Why is it a favourite: 'Because it is thin and master pizza chef Pasquale Pometto's ideas are always different. No gourmet deviation, long leavening dough (48 hours). Highly digestible.'

The best pizza: 'I choose the Margherita or the Marinara, then there is the Bianca, which changes every time. My favorite is with mozzarella, poppy seeds, chives and Tuscan oil.'

Any extras: 'As it's always so busy, the very friendly staff offers you Prosecco while you wait, and some pizza bites to try.'

Piz, Via Torino 34

18. Confine

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (16)

(Image credit: Confine)

Recommended by: Annalisa Rosso, design consultant, Mr Lawrence

Why is it a favourite: 'My favorite pizzeria is Confine, in the heart of the 5Vie design district. The pizza here is fantastic. Here there was once the historic Meazza hardware store, which closed after almost a century of honorable service.

The best pizza: 'I usually choose the tasting menu to taste different ones and let myself be guided in pairing them with the most suitable wines (they have a cellar with 600 international labels).'

Any extras: 'The guys from Salerno who opened it just over a year ago are friendly and know what they're doing, as demonstrated by the typical fried foods from Campania which cannot be missed as an appetizer.'

Confine, Piazza Guglielmo Massaia, corner of via San Sisto

19. I Capatosta

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (17)

(Image credit: I Capatosta)

Recommended by: Laura Baldassari and Alberto Biagetti, designers, Atelier Biagetti

Why is it a favourite: 'It's 100% Neapolitan. For us it this is a must-visit destination once a week.'

The best pizza: 'I'm obsessed with the Margherita with the crust filled with ricotta,' says Baldassari. 'Wile Alberto always orders a nice Napoletana'

Any extras: 'A Neapolitan appetizer cooked in a wood oven, and stuffed morsels made with pizza dough to share if there are many of you and very hungry.'

I Capatosta, Alzaia Naviglio Grande 56

20. Linfa

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (18)

(Image credit: Linfa)

Recommended by: Eleonore Cavalli, art director, Visionnaire

Why is it a favourite: 'It's the only plant-based sushi bar plus pizzeria restaurant in Italy with a totally gluten-free menu. The owner, Edoardo Valsecchi, deserves a mention for his passion and his constant gastronomic research.'

The best pizza: 'Their specialty are the "Pizzette A La Carte", my favourite is the Lax, with cashew stracciatella, vegetable salmon, black algae caviar, 24k gold and dill oil.'

Any extras:

Linfa, Via Bergognone 24

21. Pizzeria Oceania

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (19)

(Image credit: @postisinceri)

Recommended by: Federica Biasi, designer; Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto, designers, Studiopepe

Why is it a favourite: 'It's managed by passionate peoplew, who have created a place where eating a pizza is a unique experience,' say Lelli Mami and Di Pinto. 'You enter another dimension, to the point that there is still an old spaceship (built by the old owner, a great science fiction enthusiast), which apparently used to hang over the heads of customers. The soundtrack is incredible.' Biasi echoes this sentiment: 'I like it because it's authentic, it's like time stood still, with its kitschy, 1970s interiors. The style is simple, its interiors very familiar, and their 'pizza al tegamino' features traditional flavours.'

The best pizza: For Lelli Mami and Di Pinto, it's the pizza with goulasch, while Biasi opts for a 4 Seasons.

Any extras: Hand-cut honey chips, and a round of amari to finish.

Pizzeria Oceania, Via Giovanni Briosi 10

22. Gennaro Rapido

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (20)

(Image credit: Gennaro Rapido)

Recommended by: Cara Judd and Davide Gramatica, designers, Cara\Davide; Anniina Koivu, curator and founder, Koivu

Why is it a favourite: 'Gennaro Rapido's pizzeria is what a good pizza is all about: large, thin, a bit chewy and soft and, most importantly, delicious. The “wagon wheel” (a ruota di carretta) pizza served here is an example of the Neapolitan pizza pie,' says Koivu, a Finnish transplant to Milan with a Neapolitan partner. 'Forget the idyllic postcard version of Napoli -- with its lemon trees and views of the bay and Vesuvius. With its plain concrete walls, harsh neon-blue overhead lighting, and tightly-packed tables, A’ Rot e Carrett di Gennaro Rapido brings a slice of the real Naples to buttoned-down Milan.'

Gennaro Rapido, Via Vigilio Inama 17

23. Marghe

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (21)

(Image credit: Marghe)

Recommended by: Federica Sala, curator and design consultant

Why is it a favourite: 'This is my local pizzeria, with an excellent pizza and a limited menu.'

The best pizza: 'Margherita or Bufala, without exception.'

Any extras: 'A dessert not to be missed is their Tiramisu with buffalo ricotta.'

Marghe, Via Cadore 26

24. Il Mercato Centrale Milano

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (22)

(Image credit: Il Mercato Centrale Milano)

Recommended by: Maria Porro, president, Salone del Mobile

Il Mercato Centrale Milano, Via Sammartini/Piazza Quattro Novembre

25. Spontini

25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (23)

(Image credit: Spontini)

Recommended by: Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, founder, Carwan Gallery and Nomad

Why is it a favourite: 'Because it is very high and crunchy, even if the place is terrible and a thousand franchises have opened, it remains a typical Milanese pizzeria.'

The best pizza: 'Margherita.'

Spontini, Via Gaspare Spontini 4



25 Milan pizza spots recommended by the city's designers (2024)
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